Denise Weston


2018: ' Women of a Nervous Disposition' is being exhibited at Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester from 2nd February-28th March, as part of  De-Stress Fest ( January-March) curated by Gurdeep G Sian, Associate Director.

A further performance by the performance artist Annette Foster as Camille Claudel took place on March 9th as part of a Headline Launch Event Exhibition Event.

A soundtrack recording 'Slowly Beaten Time] by Trio Nerveux was released to accompany the exhibition on 2nd February.

In December 2016 I was awarded funding from Arts Council England to develop a new body of work, 'Women of a Nervous Disposition'. 

I have been recently working on the first phase of work for exhibition of 'Women of a Nervous Disposition' The initial exhibition dates are 20th April-18th May 2017. Lace Market Gallery, NCN Nottingham. The exhibition is now open and there are a number of related events taking place throughout the duration of the exhibition.I have been funded by Arts Council England to develop this new body of work up until October 2017. It is envisaged that this project will then continue to be developed further .Click on the links heading on the menu bar to view events on the project and artist page on facebook.

 For more details click on 'Women of a Nervous Disposition' on the home page.

In May 2016, I moved into a new studio space at Wollaton Street Studios, Nottingham.


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